Sunday, May 17, 2009

Promise of Giving

Windsor Village United Methodist Church
Promise of Giving – Community Outreach Project
April 18, 2009
Post Event Data

* We had 251 people to sign in and attend the event.

* According to the data we received, those 251 people represented households totaling 584 people for an average household size of 2.32 people.

* Four people confessed Christ as their Lord.

* Two people re-dedicated their lives to Jesus.

* Three people were ministered to for healing. One man was healed from back pain.

* All of the hygiene and baby items were distributed.

* All of the food donations from Christian Alliance was distributed.

* Approximately half of the clothes donations were distributed

Here are some photos from the event:
These photos represent the prayer and working together of the Church ministries to make the Promise of Giving event a success. We had the Word preached in english and spanish.

The "Rain" did not stop the distribution of food to the Community!