Thursday, June 25, 2009

KBC Center Update!

Eighteen volunteer missionaries from Windsor Village, Mt.Vernon UMC, and St.James UMC have sucessfully completed their mission objectives in Kenya, and have arrived safely back home to Houston. They have blessed the 16 children at the KBC Children's Center with their time, love and gifts of clothing and shoes, both from the team, the Windsor Village UMW, and the Windsor Village Children's ministry as well as the gifts from the other Churches represented.

Our KBC children were baptized by me, in the presence of the Body of Christ represented by the 18 member team. Over 200 pairs of new shoes were bought and distributed to the KBC village needy. Diapers, toys, and money for baby formula was left for the 44 children at the baby orphanage in Nakuru.

Our KBC community library will open soon thanks to the team's hard work in arranging and cataloging hundreds of donated books. Our medical members of the team treated over 1,197 persons at the village medical clinic and put in place the medical and social files of our KBC children. The team deserves our thanks and plenty of rest.

May God bless and keep you all.

Pastor Velosia Kibe