Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Missions Ministry 2010 Update

December 2009, we presented Showtime at the Village on Nov 13th at the KBC. I would like to thank Ms. Mae Manning for her selfless efforts to produce and direct this amateur talent contest which not only provided entertainment for all who attended, but all proceeds went toward the preparation of Thanksgiving baskets to the needy. We distributed 320 baskets in 2008.

This year, Missions ministry partnered with the Singles ministry and distributed over 550 Thanksgiving baskets for the needy in the Houston and Richmond Rosenberg areas. These baskets provided a complete meal including a 12-pound whole Turkey for the family to prepare, and all the trimmings, cornbread mix, cranberry sauce, canned vegetables, yams, and Cake mix.

We are grateful to our volunteers, the Singles ministry and the generous contributions of our congregation who together made Thanksgiving happy for many.

Our Back to School project partnered with our Children’s and youth ministries. We distributed 470 uniform vouchers @ $10 each which is a total of $4,700 on uniforms, 1,447 Back backs filled with school supplies. The Texas Children’s Hospital donated 500 of the 1447 backpacks, plus an additional 30 packs of school supplies. We are grateful to the volunteers, and the generosity of our congregation.

Each month, M and O is still distributing food to the needy in Third ward provided by the Christian Alliance in Pearland – Mr. Jess Stokely, Director.

We are also operating the Medical Clinic monthly that sees neighborhood persons who desperately need medical attention.
Our Church members, who are physicians and medical professionals, volunteer their time and expertise to assess and refer these sick persons to free medical care and treatment.
The doctors administer prescription medicine, and over the counter medicine that is provided from the money in the Missions ministry Church budget.
Our mission’s ministry provides money for emergency shelter for those persons in need, the payment of medical emergency bills, transport for funerals, and other real life emergencies of members not provided by our Social Services department.

Several Mission volunteers went to Ghana for 2 weeks this year to provide medical attention to hundreds of villagers. They worked under the supervision of our United States; long term Missionaries, Lloyd and Jan Chinn.
Eighteen volunteer missionaries from Windsor Village, Mt.Vernon UMC, and St.James UMC have successfully completed their 2-week mission objectives in Kenya. One of those persons remained at the KBC Kenya project and worked tirelessly for additional 3 months.
They blessed the 16 children at the KBC Children's Center with their time, love and gifts of clothing and shoes, both from the team, the Windsor Village UMW, and the Windsor Village Children's ministry as well as the gifts from the other Churches represented.
The Lemonade Day proceeds allowed us to build our first of many classrooms for the Nursery School age children. We have hired a private teacher for those 6 little ones so they can learn and be prepared for public school when the time comes.I baptized our KBC children, in the presence of the Body of Christ represented by the 18-member team.
Over 200 pairs of new shoes were bought and distributed to the KBC village needy.
Diapers, toys, and money for baby formula were left for the 44 children at the baby orphanage in Nakuru.Our KBC Kenya community library will open soon thanks to the team's hard work in arranging and cataloging hundreds of donated books.
Our medical members of the team treated over 1,197 persons at the Ngwakiango village medical clinic, and put in place the medical and social files of our KBC children. This team deserves our thanks for their hard work.
We have completed the 6 bedrooms Volunteer House for Missionary teams working at the project, thanks to individual donors to the KBC project
We will have one of our Windsor Village members with International teaching expertise to come to the Project, and live there for a month to teach Leadership to the local Pastors for a 4 week session June 2010.
Our dates for the 2010 Mission teams are: Ghana Medical Team (TBA), two teams to Kenya, June 4 – 18, 2010 and August 6 – 20, 2010.
We will have an Interest meeting in early December to roll out the details of these 3 upcoming Mission trips.