Friday, May 8, 2009

2009 KBC Children Update

Church Family:
The 15 children of the KBC Children's Center had a great birthday party! They celebrated all of the birthdays of all of the children. Most of them had never seen a party favor or taste such a sweet birthday cake. They had a wonderful time.I am trying to expose our KBC children to the pleasures our American children enjoy all the time. We have also taken them swimming. They don't swim yet, but this is a goal I have for them.I will be baptizing them this June when the 18 member Mission team comes from Windsor.The health of the children has improved dramatically. They are still healing from the abuse and grief of losing their parents, but now they all have hope, and as you can see, they are smiling.

Pastor Kibe

The Bouncing Castles are at a nearby restaurant where
the kids were taken on Sunday afternoon to enjoy the day!

This is a public pool we took the kids
to! Many of them had never seen
a swimming pool.

Pastor Kibe and the Kids enjoying the day!