Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Miracle in Maua, Kenya

The house the family lived in


The Seven Member Team from Windsor Village and other sister churches in Maua, Kenya – August 2010


Seven volunteers from Windsor Village and other sister churches visited us in Maua, Kenya. During their trip, they assisted us in building a home for a family of 7 -- three boys, three girls and their mother, who is HIV positive. Sadly, the father preceded her in death due to complications from the AIDS virus.

The three boys were circumcised in August and it is tradition in Kenya that after circumcision, they go into seclusion. The youngest of the three boys, a 10 year old, decided he would build the family a home before their month of seclusion. He began this task by first cutting some thin branches from trees around the house and then plastering them together with mud; the older boy’s helped too. The entire time the team was in Maua building the home, the three boys were not seen nor heard from. However, their little house was a constant reminder to all of us that they were willing to help them and create what they could in the midst of their poverty.

I would like to say thank you to the volunteers. We enjoyed them and appreciated their help.