Saturday, May 24, 2008

Third Ward Medical Clinic Testimony

Third Ward Medical Clinic

Testimony of Dawn – age 38,
Mother of 2 children ages 21, 22
Grandmother of 2

Moved to Houston 3 years ago from a small town
Came to Houston to get married
Shortly after moving to Houston diagnosed with a tumor on her spine and an inoperable brain tumor
After having surgery she discovered that her
husband was already married to someone else and had been for 15 years, and was also involved in a relationship with a 3rd woman
Eventually found herself homeless, with out shelter, food or clothing.

On the occasion of our meeting at the third ward medical clinic, Dawn spoke of her experiences knowing that despite her circumstances she had a renewed conviction to stay with the Lord because He was showing Himself to her through providing food, clothing, a bible and medical treatment.

Dawn stated that it is the word of God that has kept her encouraged remembering that greater is He that is within me than he who is in the world. She spoke of living through a time when she had forgotten to love, but God reminded her that He is love.

Dawn also spoke of lessons learned from her grandmother one of the most important being that of forgiveness.

In her own words she said she remembered her grandmother talking about the year of jubilee and that she believes that this is a year of new beginnings for her and that this is her year to reap her harvest.