Tuesday, May 22, 2007

KBC Kenya Site

Pastor Velosia Kibe

The Children’s Center of the Kingdom Builder’s Center – Kenya (KBC-K) will be a home for orphan children between the ages of 4 to 17 years of age. Most of their parents have died due to HIV-Aids and Malaria. We will take the least, the last, and the lost.
Those children who do not have any living relative left alive to care for them.

In the Republic of Kenya on Africa’s east coast live more than 150,000 orphaned children many under the age of 5 years. With the help of the Ministry of Social Services of the Republic of Kenya, we have established a Community Based Organization (CBO) which will assist us in screening and assessing the needs of these children and learn of their background, their tribe and language and their reason for being orphaned. We will also have access to their medical records which would contain information about any illnesses they may have contracted. Many of the children are affected by Malaria. Some have the HIV virus, but both of these diseases are treatable. Their physical ailments can be controlled and healed with consistent medical attention and nutrition.

With the Lord’s help and favor upon these little ones, we will fill the Kingdom Builder’s Children’s Center with the teaching of the word of God, love, the laughter of children, and hope for their bright future.

Phase One of the Children’s Center is completed, and is being furnished to house 30 children and one live in house mother. There is also a full-time guard living in the guard quarters inside the gate of the stone fence, and a part – time gardener who lives off campus.

Since the KBC-Kenya covers 3.5 acres of fertile farmland, the children will learn to care for the livestock and help the caretakers to cultivate and harvest the crops used for their food.

Free public schools are near the Center. The Center’s staff and volunteers from the community village, as well as Christian missionaries, will come to assist the project.
These persons will teach the children the Holy Scriptures and Christian principles.
The physical needs as well as the spiritual needs of the children will be taken care of.

After Phases 2 through 4 are constructed, the home for the children will be able to support up to 100 children. The children will reside in the home from age 4 throguh17. When they complete their form 4 education at the age of 17, (which is the equivalent of a U.S High school education) they will progress to a trade school center. There they can learn a variety of trades including, but not limited to, mechanics, electrician, plumbing, computer skills, and sewing. Those who demonstrate great academic potential will be helped to find sponsors to support them in University.

Our Phase One immediate needs for 30 children are:

Standard size pillows @ $2 each
18 bunk beds at $60 each
6 cabinets to be constructed in each bedroom at $400 each
18 blankets at $20 each
18 twin sheet sets at $10 each
36 kits for the children (includes, soap, toothpaste and brush, deodorant, lotion) at $10 each
3 dozen bath towels at $15 per dozen
3 dozen washcloths @ $5 per dozen
Washing powder (6 months supply for washing clothes $100
3 Sitting room/office Sofas at $300 each
4 Sitting room/office chairs at $100 each
3 tables @ $50 each
Small desk, chair, and file cabinet for office $300

Kitchen furnishings are being calculated. We will purchase a Hotpoint stove and have the cabinets and countertops built by a professional carpenter in Nairobi.

Contact: Velosia Kibe, Associate Pastor

Windsor Village UMC 6000 Heatherbrook

Houston, Texas 77085

(713)723-8187 extension 224 or by e-mail vkibe@wvumc.com
God Bless you.

mixn at Keck worker - A hired laborer working on the Kingdom builders Center Kenya site in Kenya, pouring the foundation for the children's center this past January 2007.

Orphan children that the KBC will assist in Kenya.